How to maintain cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment?

Cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment is large production equipment, and the price is high, from 50,000 to millions of dollars. At the same time, it also bears the economic lifeline of the workshop, very important. So the manufacturer pays attention to its maintenance very much, want to lengthen service life.
Many users think of the cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment maintenance work is very difficult, mainly because of the cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment belongs to the complex of large equipment, many users for its function, structure and the principle is not very understanding, I do not know where to start maintenance work, in fact, to understand high shear emulsification equipment, d it is much easier to work after, the small make up to summarize some emulsifying machine maintenance and maintenance work, together to get to know it.


How to maintain cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment1


1. Be familiar with all functions, and remember the usage and precautions of each key. Because as a technician, if the basic operation technology and the function and application of each key are not clear, it is easy to damage the cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment.
2. Pay attention to daily cleaning. The daily cleaning can ensure the cleanness of the pot and melt the sanitary requirements. It can also prevent the remaining particles from damaging the homogenizer head.
3. Meet the load of the machine. Each equipment has its fixed life, and life is often related to the use of powerful, can not let the equipment work outside the specified time.
4. The regular inspection shall be carried out. If any problem is found, it shall be repaired in time. Do not use it again after finding the problem, which will make it more easily damaged.


How to maintain cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment2


5. In the process of installation or use, the cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment shall be handled with care to avoid severe vibration.
6. The maintenance personnel shall regularly check the fastening connecting bolts, especially the bolts and nuts that are easy to loosen and whether each footplate is loose.
7. In the process of maintenance and replacement of the rotor, it is recommended to use special tools, and avoid hard-hitting, resulting in deformation and damage of components.
8. The shaft sleeve of the emulsifier is a vulnerable part. Its material can be different according to the material property of the user. However, the wear of the shaft sleeve needs to be checked frequently by the maintenance personnel to ensure that the rotor and stator do not touch.
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