How to operate cosmetic cream making machine correctly?

How to operate cosmetic cream making machine correctly1


1. Purpose: to standardize the operation of the cosmetic cream making machine, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment.
2. Scope: this procedure is applicable to the operation of cosmetic cream making machine between emulsions.
3. Responsibilities: operators of cosmetic cream making machine operate according to this procedure, and equipment maintenance personnel are responsible for supervision and inspection.
4. Content:
4.1 check the equipment before starting up
4.1.1 maintenance personnel shall check whether power supply, base steam, hydraulic pump and cooling water supply are normal before starting up every day.
4.1.2 cosmetic cream making machine operators shall check whether the cooling water, base steam, hydraulic pump and other valves are normal.
4.1.3 cosmetic cream making machine operators open the cover of homogenizer and visually check whether the pot is clean to ensure no stains.
4.1.4 if the above is confirmed to be correct, the following operations shall be performed; otherwise, it shall be handled by the mechanic.
4.2 boot
4.2.1 the hand must be kept dry when starting up, and then manually close the switch of the control cabinet.
4.2.2 open the power supply of the control box and the display, and the temperature display begins to display the temperature in the pot.
4.3 equipment operation

How to operate cosmetic cream making machine correctly2


4.3.1 heating first manually open the feeding valve on the upper part of the main pot to avoid positive pressure in the emulsifying pot, close the inlet cooling water valve and outlet cooling water valve, open the steam trap and exhaust condensate valve, and empty the cooling water in the interlayer of the pot body. close the exhaust condensate valve and open the inlet steam valve. start the "heating" operation procedure, and steam begins to flow into the sandwich of the cosmetic cream making machine body. in the process of steam heating, continuously observe the index of steam pressure gauge and adjust the steam inlet valve so that the steam pressure does not exceed the working pressure of interlayer by 0.33mpas when the cosmetic cream making machine body is heated to the temperature close to the process requirement, close the steam inlet valve. 4.3.16 after heating, residual steam in the interlayer is gradually discharged from the drain valve. 4.3.2 cooling close the drain valve manually. open the inlet and outlet cooling water valves, start the "cooling" operation procedure, and the cooling water starts to flow into the interlayer of the boiler body. during the cooling process, the inlet and outlet valves can be adjusted to adjust the cooling water pressure and flow, and the pressure shall not exceed 0.33mpao of the working pressure of the interlayer after the completion of cooling according to the process requirements, close the inlet and outlet cooling water valves. If it is necessary to maintain the temperature, open the drain valve and drain condensate valve to drain the remaining cooling water in the inter layer.
4.3.3 mixing for mixing, there are different rotating speeds according to the speed. Manually adjust the converter knob control. when in use, start the mixing button, adjust the rotating speed, and the mixing starts in the pot. If it needs to stop, first adjust the speed to zero, and then close it. it must be started after closing the upper cover of homogenizer. Do not open the upper cover during mixing.
4.3.4 homogeneity homogenization speed can be adjusted as required. start the homogenization button, rotate the homogenizer slowly, and the homogenizer in the pot starts to operate, and adjust to the corresponding speed according to the requirements of the process sheet. in the process of homogenization, pay attention to the sound of homogenizer operation. If there is any abnormal sound, immediately turn off homogenization.
4.3.5 vacuumizing before vacuumizing, close all valves that may be connected with the outside in the pot, and check whether the vacuum pressure gauge is normal. check the cooling water valve of vacuum pump to make sure it is in the open state. Start the vacuum button and start the vacuum pump. At this time, manually open the vacuum ball valve and the vacuum pressure gauge starts to change from 0 to -0.095mpao after the vacuum meets the requirements, first close the vacuum ball valve, then close the vacuum button, and the vacuum pump stops running. if the upper cover of homogenizer needs to be opened, the feeding valve must be opened first, and the hydraulic lifting system can only be started after the vacuum is completely discharged. 4.4 shutdown
4.4.1 after the paste is produced according to the process requirements, clean cosmetic cream making machine as required. when cleaning, first open the upper cover of homogenizer and wash the residual paste in the pot with tap water. close the upper cover and outlet after flushing, and use vacuum to pump hot water from the water boiler to the homogenizer (filter screen shall be added during the feeding process). turn on the mixing and homogenization, make the hot water fully circulate in the pot to wash and disinfect, and finally discharge from the drain pipe. after the hot water is drained, use deionized water to wash the pot thoroughly. the feed filter screen shall be disassembled for cleaning, and shall be installed after being cleaned and sterilized with 75% alcohol solution.
4.4.2 close all valves.
4.4.3 turn off the power supply of the control box display and the host, and finally turn off the main power supply of the control cabinet.
4.4.4 close all water and steam valves.
4.4.5 clean the outside of the cosmetic cream making machine with a sterilized towel and clean the workplace.
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