P150 Semi-automatic double side labeling machine

  • P150 Semi-automatic double side labeling machine

Basic Information


This machine fits for a wide range of products. One machine can basically achieve all the required of product labeling, especially for low-volume, variety and changeable specifications labeling which can largely improve the labeling production efficiency and reduce equipment investment costs; it widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, printing and other industries, such as flat shampoo bottles, packing boxes, cosmetic flat bottles, bottle caps, plastic shell, SD cards, batteries, flat, arc, circle face, concave, convex or other attached label.

Technical parameter:.

Diameter of applicable bottleneck


width of 20~150(mm),height of 20~100(mm),length of 20~200(mm)

Scope of applicable labels

width of 15~100(mm),length of 15~100(mm)

Production capacity

10~40pieces/min(It depends on size of label and speed of manual operation)

Rated voltage


Total power




Air supply


Total weight


(It can design according to client's requirement)

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