Yuxiang Machinery emulsifying machine settled in COSMAX

Recently, by the Guangzhou Yuxiang Light Industry Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. independent research and development, manufacturing Yuxiang emulsification machine successfully settled in the world famous cosmetics company --- COSMAX.

COSMAX is South Korea's largest cosmetics factory, the world's top 10, the registered capital of about 10 billion, the factory was certified as a qualified enterprise of international excellent GMP cosmetics manufacturing and quality management standards, the cosmetics industry that Foxconn.

In the COSMAX installation and debugging site, Yuxiang  Machinery vacuum homogenization emulsification equipment with its aesthetic design, excellent performance has been COSMAX research and development centers, production centers and other departments, experts praise, In the testing process, experts said: Yuxiang machinery homogenization emulsifier performance has been fully reached the international leading level, and such enterprises to achieve cooperation, we are assured! After the trial machine, Yuxiang light industry Engineers on behalf of the company solemn promise: Yuxiang enterprises will, as always, COSMAX to provide thoughtful, efficient and quick product services, we would like to cooperate to a new level!

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