What Is The Price Of 500liter Vacuum Emulsifying Machine?

Many customers will encounter such problems when purchasing, which products can be produced by the 500liter vacuum emulsifying machine, and what is its price? The reason why customers have such doubts is that there are many different types and different capacity of vacuum emulsifying machine on the market, and their prices vary greatly.Today, Yuxiang machinery will take you to understand in detail:




According to the capacity, 500 liters vacuum emulsifying machine is a large production equipment, its main use is used to produce latex, cream, toothpaste,shower gel and other daily chemicals,it is also can use to produce ointment and other viscosity cream product . Previous equipment is relatively small, with increasing demand, 500 liters of vacuum emulsifying machine came into being.Its processing capacity is very large, can produce nearly 500L at a time, it is very suitable for large manufacturers of continuous batch production needs.So what's the general price? In terms of homogeneity, the average is 150,000.According to the customer's different personalized customization needs, the price will increase on this basis.Different manufacturers, different materials, the price is not the same.




Yuxiang machinery professional production of 500L vacuum emulsifying machine has rich experience, more than 20 years of continuous development and innovation, with lower cost to do better equipment is Yuxiang people has always been the purpose.Due to the high quality and cost-effective Yuxiang equipment, by domestic and foreign customers alike.


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