A batch of perfume equipment was delivered to uzbekistan

 On 27th October , Guangzhou Yuxiang Light Industrial Machinery Equipment Co., LTD sent a batch of perfume equipment to Uzbekistan.The equipment includes perfume making machine, perfume grasping machine, perfume filling machine, storage tank and conveyor belt.
This customer is an old customer who has long-term cooperative relationship with Yuxiang machinery. Since 2014, the customer to know our company, and then we have the first cooperation, customers in our company order the perfume of the first batch of equipment, is the perfume of this batch of equipment to let customers feel very satisfied, customers trust the quality of our machine, then the customer has established long-term cooperation relationship with us.
All along, the already Yuxiang machinery uphold the "quality first" purpose, whether equipment production, material, design is very strict, we have professional engineers, to ensure the quality of each customer's orders, we will finish, do to the satisfaction of every customer.
Not only in the equipment production, but also in the shipment, we will also pass the test, packing, wooden box packaging, guarantee the equipment to the customer's factory equipment is not damaged.    


 The engineer is packing the equipment making wooden packing ..




The goods are loaded for shipment to Uzbekistan.



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