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In recent years, the face cream emulsifying machine industry is developing rapidly, but there are still a lot of problems behind the bright prospect: a series of problems.

Hair Ointment Making Machine refers to a piece of large-scale production equipment for dispersing, mixing, stirring and shearing and refining materials. It is mainly used in the production of daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. So how should we choose?

Ointment emulsifying machine refers to a vessel that performs physical or chemical reactions to effect a process in which materials are subjected to various reactions in the vessel. Its application uses for daily chemicals, medicine, food, and chemical industries. Some time ago, Yuxiang received a customer's aging machine for the reaction kettle. He wanted to start the hair Ointment factory, but because of the new things, he didn't understand much, so he would like to consult.

According to the capacity, it can be divided into small Hair Ointment Making Machine and large Hair Ointment Making Machine. In general, the capacity of 200L is small, and the size of 200L or more is called large. As a start-up, if you have a small number of orders and funds, you can choose a small Ointment emulsifying machine. And if the company has a certain amount of orders, and needs to upgrade the capacity, it should choose a large Ointment emulsifying machine. According to the structure, it can be divided into an upper homogeneous and a lower homogeneous Hair Ointment Making Machine. In general, the quality requirements for the product are not very high, you can choose to bottom homogenizer. If the effect is very high, you can choose the upper homogenizer, because the upper homogenized emulsification effect is more thorough, and it can be poured and cleaned for easy cleaning.
In fact, many customers are just like Mr. Chen. Many of them didn't understand when they set up the factory. They were isolated and helpless. Just like Chen's Hair Ointment factory, the products belong to the daily chemical industry, and there are already customers on hand, and the order volume is good. In this case, a large-volume Ointment emulsifying machine for the reactor should be selected, and a large volume means 300L or more, including 300L/500L/1000L. At the same time, if it is a relatively high-end product, you should use an Ointment emulsifying machine for homogeneous reactors, because the homogenization effect of such equipment is very good, and the material can be cut and refined at the maximum.

Therefore, it is knowledgeable to choose a Hair Ointment Making Machine. Buyers cannot rush to make choices. Second, they must fully understand and make decisions. Yuxiang Machinery specializes in production for 20 years, quality assurance, delivery on time.


  • Yuxiang Machinery: Emulsifying machine industry quality pioneer

    Yuxiang Machinery: Emulsifying machine industry quality pioneerMore >

    In recent years, the emulsification machine industry is developing rapidly, but there are still a lot of problems behind the bright prospect: a series of problems, such as product clutter, product quality can not be guaranteed, the service is not in place. As everyone knows, the business competition has many kinds, but the nature of the competition after all or product quality competition.


    November 21, 2016 Yuxiang Light Industry held a special product quality joint meeting, the Department of Administration, production, sales, quality inspection center, research and development centers and other departments to participate in the meeting pointed out: Yuxiang company is committed to improving the emulsifier Traditional production technology, to provide safe and secure assured products to product quality as the most favorable competitive weapons. Yuxiang light industry has a unique natural advantages, have their own production equipment, assembly line, production plants, etc., at the same time with a number of foreign emulsifiers Industry well-known manufacturers signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the vacuum homogenization emulsifier production process in-depth cooperation, developed their own brand of high-speed homogenization emulsifier, intelligent homogeneous emulsifier. With years of industry experience, Yu Xiang light industry can calmly analyze the entire industry, but also a clear understanding of their own strengths. Chairman Mr. Chen said: "Yuxiang light industry we have always adhere to the principle of three points: First, product quality assurance, and always provide consumers with assured products; Second, high quality service, always for every consumer to provide timely, Comprehensive service, to every consumer satisfaction with the experience; Third, the logistics speed, Yuxiang light industry in Guangzhou, Yangzhou two fast delivery, so that customers in the shortest possible time to receive a satisfactory product.

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