GFJ-30 Semi-Automatic Inner heating soft tube filling and sealing machine

  • GFJ-30 Semi-Automatic Inner heating soft tube filling and sealing machine
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz or 380V/60Hz
  • Capacity: 10-25pcs/min
  • Filling Volume: 10-50ml, 50-200ml
  • Filling Precision: ±1%
  • Tube Diameters: Φ16—Φ50mm
  • Working Position: 8
  • Air Supply: 0.5---0.6MPa (Adjustment of Air Pressure Valve) /0.6---0.8MPa (Air Pressure)
  • Air Consumption: 0.3m3/min
  • Water supply: water pressure P≥0.12MPa;Water consumption: 8L/min;Water temperature retains about 10℃;

Basic Information


The machine can automatically feed tube, orientate eye marks and is used for filling cream(paste)-like and liquid-like materials into plastic tube or plastic-aluminum laminated tube and then sealing them, pressing date or producing numbers on the end of the tube and cutting the end. this machine is widely used in cosmetic, medicine and food industries. A high efficient heater and stable flow meter imported from Germany are applied. they provide a reliable thermo-air heating system, which make the seal firm in high efficiency. the filling heads in different specifications are prepared for materials in different thickness.

  • 1, Automatic Positioning, Sealing, Cutting
  • 2, No tube no filling
  • 3, Date printing
  • 4, Hot air sealing
  • 5, Mechanical Structure, easy for maintenance
  • 6, Counting Device to count how many tubes have been filled
  • 7, Filling volume can be adjusted
  • 8, Sealing well picture

GFJ-30 is supplied by the following material:

  • 1, Reducer: Made in China
  • 2, Motor: Delta in Taiwan
  • 3, Thermoregulator: Made in China
  • 4, Electromagnetic Valve: Airtac in Taiwan
  • 5, Air Cylinder: Airtac in Taiwan
  • 6, Air Filter: Airtac in Taiwan
  • 7, Air Heater: Leister, Switzerland
  • 8, Sensor: Banner from America
gfj 30
gfj 30
gfj 30


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