GZJ-KH Automatic Lipstick Filling Machine

  • GZJ-KH

Basic Information

Stuffing material:

It needs to be heated curd material as: lip gloss, lip curd, lip oil, lip stick.(2color or 2 stick /each time).


Dimension: 800mm(L)*750mm(W)*1745mm(H)
Voltage: Single phase 220V、50Hz
Max. power: 4.5kw
Air pressure: 6kg/cm2
Max. stuffing capacity: 20g+0.1g(1color)
Filling Capacity: 1~14ml/piece
Filling speed: 30~60pcs/min.(the quantity of stuffing material affect the speed)
Filling nozzle:12pcs
Hopper volume:20L double layers and oil removal heating
Height of the table:620mm
Filing precision: ±1%
Operator: 1 person


1.2 piece of 10kg double deck oil proof heating bucket, material: 304SUS
2.Manual stuffing mode l(bottles series ) or transferring belt semi-auto stuffing mode(plate like series),only need to switch between manual model and auto model. Easy to use.
3. While using manual model.There are pedal model and time-limit model for choice.
4.Nozzles can be lifted /lowered, manpower saving.
5.Piston like allocation to ensure precision.

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