How To Choose Correctly Mayonnaise Making Machine ?

With the progress of national science and technology, many products have begun to use automatic equipment production.Mayonnaise, in particular, the original use of artificial stirring, and then use a simple small machine production, to now use professional mayonnaise making machine mechanical industrial production.So how do we make the right choice?




Different from other products, mayonnaise belongs to food, so there are requirements for hygiene and delicacy.For the above requirements, it is recommended to choose the homogeneous vacuum emulsifier, because it can vacuum suction the material in the state of vacuum, cut off the bacteria in the air, and ensure the sanitary requirements of the product.At the same time, in order to make the mayonnaise more uniform and delicate, should be used with screw belt paddle, with the head of homogenization, the product can be high-speed shear and stirring, and finally achieve a fine and uniform emulsification effect.


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