What should be noticed during the use of emulsifying machine ?

Connect the power supply, power supply line, and pay attention to ground reliable grounding, turn on the main power switch, power indicator light. (Motor wiring or long-term need to re-start should be used when the trial run, the mixing box turned to look from the top to the bottom of the reverse. Debugging should be first trial stirring rotation, when confirmed, then let the homogenizer run!)
Correct access to the homogenization pot of the pipeline (including the overflow, drain and outfalls, etc.)。

Vacuum work must be checked before the pot and the pot lid is flat paste, pot mouth, mouth cover material is covered tightly, sealed and reliable. Close the lid on the valve interface, and then open the vacuum valve on the lid, and then turn on the vacuum pump vacuum, vacuum pump to close the request, at the same time off the vacuum valve.


Emulsification homogeneous equipment's cutting, scraper mixing: After feeding (debugging, water can be used instead) and then open the corresponding control switch to control the operation of the homogenizer and scraper mixing operation. Stirring should also be activated before starting to check whether the mixing wall scraping abnormal, if any, should be immediately ruled out.
Vacuum pump in a homogeneous pan sealed condition to start running. If there is a special need to open the atmosphere to start the pump, can not run more than 3 minutes.
Vacuum pump is strictly prohibited working fluid operation. Pump operation is strictly prohibited blocked exhaust.
Regularly check the various parts and bearings of the lubricating oil and grease, timely replacement of clean lubricants and grease.

Keep the homogenizer clean. Clean the parts of the homogenizer that come in contact with the working fluid whenever it is time to stop using or changing materials, especially the cutting wheel cutting sleeve on its head, the plain bearings and the bushing in the homogeneous sleeve. After cleaning and reassembling, the impeller should be free from jamming phenomenon. When the two flanges of the pot body and the lid are relatively fixed, the motor of the homogenizer is turned to the correct position without any other abnormalities before starting the operation.
All pots are cleaned as standard by the user.






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