Who Are The Famous Cosmetic Homogenizer Mixer Suppliers In China ?

Cream lotion is widely used in People's Daily life, and is closely related to people's life.He is the cosmetic cream lotion homogenizer mixer through the material mixing, cutting and mixing the final product.Its main function is to mix the main ingredients, oil and water together to produce a delicate product that is more easily absorbed by the skin.


Cosmetic cream lotion homogenizer mixer is mainly divided into three categories, respectively is the head of the upper homogenous head, the head of the lower homogenous head and the head of the upper homogenous head.The upper homogenous head is used when there are more materials, while the lower homogenous head is suitable for those with less materials and higher grades.The mixing and homogenizing effects of the top and bottom homogenizing heads were better than the former.With the development of skin care industry, people's quality of products is getting higher and higher. Now many enterprises have adopted the emulsifying machine with a homogeneous head.



Judge what kind of cosmetic cream lotion homogenizer mixer is good, one is the pot outside the table is made of stainless steel and polishing effect is good;Second, the pot body welding welding solid solid;Third, the mixing system and the homogeneous system can be speed regulation, can adapt to different materials and different amounts of regulation, with frequency regulation function, to achieve the effect of power saving.


Cosmetic homogenizer mixer is specially designed by introducing foreign updated technology and on the basis of ointment-making technics or cosmetic processing. It is composed of pretreatment boiler, vacuum emulsifying mixer boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, tilting system, and electric control system, etc. The quality of emulsifying depends on dispersing of the granular on the preparation stage. The smaller the granular is, the weaker the trend of accumulation to the surface becomes, thus the smaller the opportunity for the emulsifying to be broken. Relying on mixing of reversed impeller, under the condition of homogenizing turbine and vacuum status, you can get the high-quality effect of emulsifying and mixing.


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