Yuxiang machinery 300L Vacuum toothpaste manufacturing machine

Yuxiang toothpaste filling machine supplier produce the machinery toothpaste making machine, the entire set contains the main pot, oil pot , water pot, powder pot, platform, stairs, electric control box.It is the ideal equipment for making toothpaste.


All valves are used automatic valve control , easy to operate, reduce time and manpower.


Scraping wall mixing and the two disperser , this is a special requirement for toothpaste production,main pot is two layer , the Jacket use to loading coolie water for cooling.


Electric control box with PLC touch screen control, you can also use the button control .


Oil pot ,water pot ,powder pot ,all is single layer . The smallest is the oil pot .


The powder pot using ribbon mixing, suitable for mixing powder.


The water pot and oil pot using disperser , suitable for mixing water and oil .


Discharge valve use solenoid valve is automatically controlled to facilitate the material.

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