Yuxiang machinery Laboratory 5L vacuum emulsifier


Yuxiang machinery 5L vacuum emulsifying mixer is suitable for the small production in the laboratory of customers,It can produce creams, ointment and other high quality products,it is adopt mirror polishing, made of stainless steel ,all contact material part made of stainless steel 316 , other is stainless steel 304.The entire machine design is reasonable, compact appearance .


The lid with sight glass,air filter, essence of hopper,Vacuum pressure gauge .



Control panel you can select button control or PLC full touch screen control.



This is Hydraulic lifting system,convenient to open the lid .



This is discharge outlet , you also can use the tilting pot to pour the material .



This is the paddle and the scraper, the scraper is made of polytetrafluoroethylene .


This is the bottom homogeneous machine, which can make the material more delicate.


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