YXS-II Four heads perfume filling machine (PLC controller type)

  • Motor power: 0.75kw
  • Bottle height: ≤250 mm
  • Bottle Mouth Maximum Diameter: ≤¢20 mm
  • Minimum Diameter : ≥¢4.5 mm
  • Adjustable liquid High-Level (Away from the bottle): 26-50 mm
  • Profile Dimensions (Excluding liquid storage bottle): L×W×H 660×470×1330mm
  • Adaptable environment temperature: (0—30) ℃
  • Power 3AC: 380V (cas for your requirement)
  • Vacuum pump: XD-020(Explosion-proof type2X-4A)
  • Pumping rate: 5.5(Explosion-proof type 4) L/second

Basic Information


1.YXS four heads perfume filling machine (one head and four heads) is negative pressure semi-auto filling machine which mainly used in liquid products such as toilet, water, perfume etc. PLC controller.
2.This machine has the feature of compact structure, rationality, simple operation and convenient maintenance and also the performance of fixing the surface and counting.
3.The height of surface can be adjusted. Components and parts which touched will adopts304 stainless steel. It suitable for the glass bottle, plastic bottle which draw out vacuum and uneasy to distortion. Generally, it has two kinds: common one and explosion resistant one. When customer order it, please point out which one you want.
4.Explosion resistant ones or adopts explosion resistant measure. Other part of the machine is same.

YXS-II Four heads perfume filling machine (PLC controller type)
YXS-II Four heads perfume filling machine (PLC controller type)02


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